NSA Bugged U.N. Headquarters


The NSA bugged the United Nations’ headquarters in 2012, hacking into its videoconferencing and spying on the diplomatic work of other countries, according to yet another leak released by Edward Snowden, this time published by Germany’s Der Spiegel weekly magazine.



The U.S. government may be considering military action in response to chemical strikes near Damascus. But a generation ago, America’s military and intelligence communities knew about and did nothing to stop a series of nerve gas attacks far more devastating than anything Syria has seen,Foreign Policy has learned.

Our rationale for the imminent bombing of Syria is that their government allegedly used chemical weapons that killed 1300 Syrians. Funny, considering we helped Iraq use chemical weapons against Iran in the 1980s. AND THEN in 2003, we decided to invade Iraq for allegedly possessing those chemical weapons.

Can we, please, PLEASE just stop dicking around in the Middle East?


Not to mention the fact that Fox News was originally conceived by Roger Ailes as a method for broadcasting “pro-administration” news content under Nixon.

This isn’t some kind of propaganda or smear of Fox, there is documentation backing this up.



(Thanks to hella-anarchy for giving us the heads up on this)

by Travis Melvin

It is not surprising that the first police raids to take legally-purchased firearms from citizens are in California. Until recently, the state had the strictest gun control…

Police throughout the globe have been embarrassed to see online videos of their officers pepper spraying tied captives. In our age of mobile gadgets the pictures can be uploaded online in seconds, making supervisors to answer the questions.

But now the police may not need to fear scrutiny anymore, because Apple has recently patented a piece of technology that would allow the authorities and police to block data transmission, including video and photos, whenever they like. All they need to do is decide that a public gathering or venue is deemed “sensitive” and needs to be protected from externalities. In this case Apple will enable them to switch off all its gear. The developers insist that the affected locations are normally cinemas, theaters and concert grounds, but Apple admits it could also be used in covert police or government operations that may need complete “blackout” conditions.


P.J. O’Rourke: Stealing my chapter titles since 1991.


P.J. O’Rourke: Stealing my chapter titles since 1991.


RT @ourtimeorg: The key to change….is to let go of fear. ~Rosanne Cash


RT @ourtimeorgThe key to change….is to let go of fear. ~Rosanne Cash